Nurture your child from conception to early childhood

Intelligent assistant to managehealth, stimulate mind and organise diary

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Did you know?

Your child will achieve 80% of the cognitive potential within the first 6 years

Enhance their development with scientific approach and support in this window of opportunity

Understand the unique growth trajectory of your unique child

Nurturey monitors up to 850 development parameters from pregnancy to the first 6 years


Manage health

Dynamic tracking can help early recognition of evolving conditions and promote optimal growth

Pregnancy care plan, Measurements, Vision, Hearing, Dental, Cognitive and much more

Stimulate mind

Cognitive exercises and milestone tracking will stimulate the brain growth. Remember, much of the brain wiring occurs in the early age

Mental maths, cognitive milestones, cognitive stimulation exercises and much more

Organise diary

Shared tasks, reminders, and timely actions - you will be on top of the overwhelming chaos

Calendar, Timeline, alerts, notifications and much more

One family. One Nurturey. Many devices

Nurturey is a platform for the whole family - and we have you covered if members have different devices


Millions of hours worth parenting experience to your finger tips

Nurturey is built on cutting edge tech that leverages AI, analytics, VR etc